Aims of the Psychology Department




1. Psycho-diagnostics:

  • To form a psychological portrait of a person; development of special personality features; evaluation of temper, character, self-evaluation’, determining a person’s expectations.
  • Determination of psychological compatibility; assessment of relationship problems:
  • Determination of communicative and management qualities:
  • Assessing motivations and drive to achieve’:
  • Determination of intellectual and cognitive development:
  • Career-guidance; determination of children’s and teenagers’ aptitudes to particular types of activities:

2. Psychological correction3. Family development and psychotherapy

  • To recognise children’s adaptation to new conditions such as a new school
  • To help children who suffer with behavioural disorders, communicative and learning difficulties
  • To correct children’s and teenagers’ negative personal manifestations (e.g. aggression, anxiety, shyness)
  • To teach psycho-emotional self-regulation
  • To teach effective communication skills
  • To carry out psycho-drama’ improvisation training
  • To carry out personal growth training
  • To carry out art-psychology training

3. Family development and psychotherapy

  • Spouse relationships, working with partners and with children
  • To help in resolving family conflicts
  • Parental consultation about children’s age-related psychological peculiarities
  • Working with genograms, which reveal repetitive patterns of fatalistic and hereditary factors in family history scenarios
  • Extreme and crisis situations, divorce and court proceedings psychological support
  • Psychotherapy of neurotic conditions (anxieties, fears, obsessions, lack of confidence, irritability, addiction, fatigue, insomnia, etc)
  • Psychology of psychosomatic disorders


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Consultant Psychologist

Martynova Lyudmila Victorovna

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