Discussion of Competition Rules

Discussion about Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Competition Rules

You are welcome to participate in our discussions about the Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Competition Rules. We wish to bring several documents to your attention, the full version of which you may download (see below for more details). If you have any questions or suggestions, please visit our forum pages or contact us by e-mail: vvmartynov@mtu-net.ru. You may also contact us by the phone (see contacts):



Wing Chun Rules

Document content:

  1. Panel of judges
  2. General competition rules
  3. Criteria and marking system
  4. The competition arena
  5. Main requirements, their division into groups.
  6. Main requirements of forms without the use of weapons.
  7. Main requirements of forms with the use of weapons

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Temporary Rules of Wing Chun Sticking Hands’ Competitions

Temporary Rules of Wing Chun Sticking Hands’ Competitions
Held between the Foshan, Hong Kong and Guangdong schools:
Held on 21st-22nd of October 2000 (in Foshan, China)

Document content:

  1. Main regulations.
  2. Judges’ duties and responsibilities.
  3. Appealing Committee duties and responsibilities.
  4. Supervision Committee duties and responsibilities
  5. Methods of calculating points.
  6. Judges’ gestures and commands (with illustrations).
  7. Ring equipment and other details (with illustrations).

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Temporary Rules of Wing Chun Sticking Hands’ Competitions
Held between the Foshan, Hong Kong and Guangdong schools:
Held on 21st-22nd of October 2000 (in Foshan, China)

Document content:

In addition to the aforementioned: Basic technique (in table) download (313 Kb)

Rules of Chi-Sao (Wing Chun Kung Fu style)

Translated from English by: Miroshnichenko I.V.

Document content:

  1. General matters and terms.
  2. Categories.
  3. Pairs’ forms.
  4. The Ring.
  5. The bout.
  6. Equipment.
  7. Judges.
  8. Points calculation system.
  9. Scoring of moves.
  10. Points awards.
  11. Forbidden moves.
  12. Points deductions.
  13. Appeals.

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Rules of Wing Chun School Competitions

Document content:

  1. General terms.
  2. Divisions, manner and ways of carrying out the competition.
    2.1 Divisions organizing the competition.
    2.2 Manner of carrying out competitions.
    2.3 Ways of carrying out competitions by SANDA.
    2.4 Definition of winners.
  3. Competitions Board of Judges.
    3.1 Seating of judges.
    3.2 Seating and the main functions of the head of the board of judges.
    3.3 Rights and duties of judges board members
    3.4 Official representative of the hosting organisation.
    3.5 Head of Competitions’ Organisational Committee.
    3.6 Head Judge of the Competition.
    3.7 Head Secretary of the Competition.
    3.8 Head Doctor of the Competition.
    3.9 Complement of Competitions Judges’ apparatus by SANDA.
    3.10 Arbitrator
    3.11 Referee
    3.12 Ring Judge
    3.13 Judge’s Secretary
    3.14 Judge’s Time Keeper
    3.15 Judge’s Informant
  4. Competitions judging rules by SANDA.
    4.1 Aims and characters of bouts.
    4.2 Length of bouts.
    4.3 Competitions winning criteria by SANDA.
    4.4 Effective attack criteria.
    4.5 Criteria of scoring and defining victor.
    4.6 Forbidden actions, fouls.
    4.7 Penalties.
    4.8 Permitted technical actions.
    4.9 Evaluation of participant’s actions leading to traumas and accidents during the competitions.
  5. Medical provisions in the competition.

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