Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun)

How to apply for classes


Do you want to start studying Wing Chun? You need only do the following:

  1. Fill in the application form
  2. Prepare your ’uniform’ for classes: this would consist of a light-colour t-shirt, sports trousers and sports shoes
  3. Arrive at class!

We look forward to seeing you at our classes!

Wing Chun is an ’effective rapid short-range combat system’. It has no ’showy’ stunts. Only precise energy-saving techniques, carried out at lightning speed giving impetus to counterattacks.

Wing Chun will broaden your perception of the world. By studying Wing Chun you can avail of an internal strength to act in any sphere of life. You can make friends with like-minded people and will create your own fate.

The Principles of Wing Chun Martial Arts:
  • To be able to detect an opponent’s attack impulse and then react immediately:
  • To study an opponent’s moves rather than attacking first:
  • To use the opponent's strength against himself and then counter-attack:



Personal Note:

“While engaging in martial arts, I understood that the most important things in life are those that are natural, simple and kind. Mutual understanding is vital, as are other commonly acknowledged human values that you must adhere to whilst moving towards your life’s targets. One must refrain from hurting anybody's feelings or becoming overbearing.”

Valeriy Martynov