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Exclusive video material of the Federation on videocassette and DVD are available to purchase


The Federation’s shop has a large choice of videocassettes on Wing Chun, Tai Chi Quan and methods of psycho-technique and self-study educative and cognitive programs.

The film Journey to Wing Chun’s origin’ is currently available on DVD. Copy recordings of other films by the Federation (on DVD) can be supplied at your request.

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Seminars of Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) to 6, 5, 4 chi/2004

This cassette will help you to prepare for and pass exams at 6, 5, 4 chi (level). Duration is 4 hours. To pass these exams at these levels you need to demonstrate the following techniques:

  • 6 chi – demonstration of preparatory exercise techniques.
  • 5 chi – demonstration of beginners’ basic educative program techniques.
  • 4 chi – demonstration of training program techniques.

A trip to the origin/2002

From 7th-19th June 2002 a dream came true! We travelled to China to the International Martial Arts Centre in Foshan, the motherland of Wing Chun. Foshan is located in the small province of Guangzhou. One result of the journey was the official recognition of Valeriy Martynov’s Mastership qualification. He became the only Russian Master to have his photograph among the Masters’ pictures on display. We enjoyed being introduced to Tsen Neng, our visit to the 89 year old Foshan Master Gou Fu (he used to practice with Yip Man), our trip to Shaolin and the tea-drinking ceremony in the ancient monastery! All of these events became real events! This will help us to develop Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) in Russia. On 31st May 2002 the All-Russia Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation was established. This is a great opportunity to create a Russian equivalent of the Wing Chun development centre in Foshan. Here our Masters and their students would be able to avail of knowledge, exchange experiences and, most importantly, officially and consciously develop our type of martial arts, allowing it to take its place among those already officially acknowledged.

Blossoming Spring in January 2000

A unique meeting with teachers of Wing Chun clan schools in Vietnam; the unique atmosphere, its traditions, as well as the meeting of the 9th Prior of Tai Chi Mai Hui Fen. Wing Chun teachers: Sant Hi, Tuan and Hoan Vin Zang.

Wing Chun style as self-defence / 2000

This is a collection of video clips of the Zheleznaya Fleyta’ Wing Chun Club, where the application of Wing Chun Eastern martial arts in self-defence is shown. This technique is only a portion of the countless variations of self defence in extreme situations. A detailed analysis of the 108 drills for Wing Chun and skills modelling are also shown.

Wing Chun from the very beginning / 2000

Where is the beginning / 1998

A collection of recent Wing Chun seminars.

  • Fundamental Wing Chun principles are shown in detail
  • Wing Chun philosophical principles
  • Wing Chun technological principles
  • Wing Chun psychological principles
  • Types of energy and their use in Wing Chun


Tai Chi Quan – Yan style / 1997

Master Martinova Yelena Rostislavovna.

  • 24 forms of Tai Chi Quan (Yan style) based on the Peking Wushu Academy
  • A complex set of preparatory exercises
  • Tai Chi Quan (Yan style) family form
  • Tai Chi Quan technique


Meeting the Teacher / 1997

In this film you can see the legendary Wing Chun martial arts teacher, Professor Hoan Ving Zang.


How useful it is to be useless / 1997


  • Basic exercises for strength, balance, coordination and sensitivity development
  • Basic forms of Wing Chun school
  • Morning Prayer’
  • Five Animals’
  • 108’ pair form
  • Wing Chun Tiger’ with Butterfly Swords’ and without weapons
  • Wing Chun Crook’
  • Combat with one, two or several opponents (basics tactics)
  • Story clips


Psycho-plastique (part 2) / 1997

  • Exercises
  • Basics of psycho-plastique
  • Technology of plastique improvisation


The New World / 1995

The New World’ seminar.

  • Duels
  • Exercises
  • Wing Chun Tiger’ form with Butterfly Swords’ and without weapons
  • Morning Prayer 2’ form
  • Morning Prayer 2’ pair form exercises


Psycho-plastique (part 1) / 1995

Information collection on Kanon’ theatre activities.

  • Exercises
  • Improvisation
  • Performances


Steps to Victory / 1995

Preparation of a group of instructors for competitions. Clips of competitions for the title of Best Club Fighter are used in this film.

  • Problems with Wing Chun stylistics
  • Tactics, strategy, psychology and ethics of combat conduct
  • Chi Sao practical application


Competitions for the Best Fighter Title / 1994

The art of duel conduct according to Wing Chun School. Moscow competitions for the Best Wing Chun School Fighter ( Triada’ and Zheleznaya Fleyta’ schools). The application of Wing Chun principles in tactics and strategies of combat conduct. Additional documentary and feature video material was used in the video magazine. Discussion and analysis of mistakes made by fighters during the competitions.


Wing Chun Qigong / 1994

Master Huan Ngok An’s school

  • Detailed analysis of techniques, preparatory Qigong
  • Exercises study
  • Five Animals’ Qigong form


Information collection / 1994

Information collection on Zheleznaya Fleyta’ Wing Chun Club and Kanon’ psycho-plastique theatre.


Seminars / 1994

Wing Chun techniques (instructor’s level).

  • Wing Chun Tiger’ form
  • pair exercises with the use of the Wing Chun Tiger’ technique
  • forms with Butterfly Swords’
  • video material on lessons with instructors
  • Morning Prayer’ form (2nd variation)


A challenge by Air / 1993

Wing Chun (Vietnamese direction of Master Te Kong). Film 2:

  • history, philosophy and Wing Chun school’s principles
  • preparatory exercises
  • pair exercises for sensitivity development
  • Morning Prayer’ form and its pairs execution
  • basic Wing Chun technique – pair Wing Chun form and its development in techniques
  • Sticking Hands’ technique

(this film is illustrated with clips of the best feature films of Wing Chun)


Wind and Flow / 1990

Part 1. Wing Chun (Vietnamese direction of Te Kong). Film 1:

  • history of Wing Chun school
  • preparatory exercises
  • Morning Prayer’ (Syao Nyem Tao) form
  • Sticking Hands’ (Chi Sao) pair technique
  • hands and feet work technique
  • twelve drills from the 108’ form
  • combat conduct tactics and techniques
  • Five Animals’ Wing Chun form

Part 2. Tai Chi Quan Yan style. Form 24 – methods of the Wushu Technical Academy.

  • Philosophy, methodology and basic principles of Tai Chi Quan
  • Hand moves and footwork techniques
  • Connections
  • 24 forms of Tai Chi Quan
  • pair exercises (Tui Shou)