Wing Chun is not a trademark!

All-Russia Sports and Social Organisation
All-Russia Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation

We wish to inform you that the Wing Chun trademark registration with the license number 191241 HAS BEEN INVALIDATED by the board of appeal by its decision of 05.17.2002. The name Wing Chun is not considered to be a trademark and is free for use.

The martial arts and martial sports name Wing Chun’ was registered as a trademark with the licence number 191241 by the Russian Patent and Trademark Agency, or Rospatent, on 25th July 2000.

The trademark rights currently belong to The Regional Federation of the Martial Art of Wing Chun’. The said Federation was granted the sole right to use the name in relation to training, the organizing of sporting events, exhibition trials, video cassettes, calendars, books, etc.

In fact, it means that the Regional Federation has a monopoly in the teaching of Wing Chun, publishing books about martial arts, etc. If someone announces an upcoming Wing Chun competition, advertises a Wing Chun training centre or uses the Wing Chun name in a book or a poster without setting up a special licence’ contract, their actions will be legally considered as violations of the trademark possessor’s rights.

The current state of affairs is unacceptable as it interferes with the popularisation of Wing Chun martial arts in Russia.

Thereby, Valeriy Martynov, the President of the All-Russia Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation, on behalf of the 23 Wing Chun regional departments of the All-Russia Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation (and hundreds of their students), confirms:

Wing Chun, or Yun Chun Quan in Mandarin, is a popular sport in Russia and abroad. Therefore, the name Wing Chun cannot be the property of any organisation like football, hockey, boxing, Karate, Wushu, etc.

Historical reference: As a form of martial arts, Wing Chun developed in the mid-18th Century in the south of the Chinese Empire. The foundation of the style was preceded by dramatic events which involved the siege and destruction of the Shaolin Monastery by the forces of the Qing Dynasty. The legendary Abbess Ng Mui, literally translated as five plums’, is credited as the founder of Wing Chun. She is also said to have been one of the Five Elders, survivors of the destroyed monastery. Following now is the full list of the Elders:

  1. Ng Mui
  2. Chzhi Shim Su, Chan’s teacher, “Reached the Goodness”, “Good Will”
  3. Bak Mei, also transliterated as Bak Mei Dou Yan, literally White Eye-browed Taoist’
  4. Miu Hin
  5. Fung Dou Dak

Gee Sin was an instructor of the Weng Chun Kuen system, or Fist of Eternal Spring’.

The Abbess Ng Mui, who was a link between Shaolin Kung Fu and Wing Chun, had two students, i.e. Yim Sam Leung, whose beauty and grace was reflected in her nickname Yim Wing Chun, or Blossoming Spring, and Leung Bok Cho.

Leung Bok Cho, the Wing Chun Master, made friends with the actors who performed in the Red Junk Opera’ in Foshan City at the time. He learnt that they had practiced the style of Weng Chun Kuen under Gee Sin, an Abbot of the Shaolin Monastery. In terms of spelling, Weng Chun Kuen differs from Wing Chun Kuen by its first hieroglyph, while their pronunciations are mostly the same.

The Chin Woo Athletic Association is a Chinese martial arts and sports association founded in Foshan in 1921. The Association currently comprises the Wing Chun research centre where the style is studied and developed by a team of scientists and Masters. They issue magazines, books and films as well as organising training and seminars.

7-19th of June 2002: The delegation of the All-Russia Sports and Social Organisation All-Russia Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation, headed by their president Valeriy Martynov, visited the Chin Woo Athletic Association, where Mr. Martynov confirmed his status as Master by successfully passing his Wing Chun Masters’ examination (Certificates attached).

Valeriy Martynov has been practicing Wing Chun since 1978.

August 4, 1990; Mr. Martynov received his Chinese Wushu gymnastics/Wing Chun Certificate (with the serial number 001). The Certificate was issued by the State Physical Culture Institute in Moscow.

January 5, 1997, Moscow; the independent non-commercial organisation called Zheleznaya Fleyta’ Wing Chun Club was registered in Moscow. The Director of the Club is Valeriy Martynov. The goals of the Club are the development, the study and popularisation of Wing Chun martial arts.

In 1998 Mr. Martynov received his Superior Instructor Certificate issued by the Russian Olympic Committee (Russian Wushu Federation).

In 2001 the Moscow Educational Committee, the centre of physical education (organisers and method providers) as well as the Wushu Federation of Russia all approved Mr. Martynov’s Wushu training program (Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) style) for sports and health-improving groups and recommended it for schools and universities.

May 31st 2002; the All-Russian Federation of Wing Chun was registered with the licence number 4161 by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. The Director of the Federation is Mr. Martynov.

Wing Chun plays a significant role among martial arts worldwide. One of the largest European organisations is WING TSUN KUEN, headed by Leung Ting and Keith Kernspecht.

According to its official status, the Regional Federation of Wing Chun martial arts is subordinate to the All-Russian Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation; otherwise it might cause confusion in rights and monopolies as well as possible violations of the subordination system. Therefore, we believe the name Wing Chun shall be considered as public property, free from any kind of monopolies.

President of All-Russia Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation
Martynov V.V.