Wing Chun Mysteries, Part 4

Nowadays there are many external forces of the intimate and sexual subject in magazines, cinema, TV, etc., so we would like to look at this problem from another point of view: in relation to Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) martial arts.

Yuriy Gritsenko’s book is a valuable source of information. In the book, he talks to the Master Nguyen Hong Tu. The Master answers 100 questions on physical, metaphysical and spiritual aspects of Yun Chun Quan martial arts. The Vietnamese name of the spiritual family school is Tyeu-lam Fat-son. The first part (Tyeu-lam) means Shaolin Temple. The second part (Fat-son) means mountain Buddhism, its spiritual side.




Intensity Exertion



Content Surface

Stretching Stay




DEPTH Flexibility

Relaxation Strength Form






In martial arts they say that life is like a war. They also say that sex is a duel’. This can be worded differently: life is sexual intercourse with the environment.

For combat, two sexual’ partners are needed (they are Am’ and Zyong’). The woman’ is the partner who defends, and the man’ is the one who attacks, who shows activity. If both partners defend and attack simultaneously, then sexual intercourse’ occurs between the masculine and feminine qualities of both. The work-rate of all the organism's systems is intensified during sexual intercourse. The two partners become united by one common field, but each has their own role. Conception occurs. The fetus of this contact is the perfection that results.

The internal work (noi-kong) can also be imagined as sexual intercourse. The man’ here is the spirit, the woman’ the body. Breath is the male sexual organ. Every breath in and out is a phallic penitration into the female’s reproduction organ. The spirit plunges into matter, Am and Zyong’ connect together. Matter is fertilized by the spirit. This is the way, as in sexual intercourse, the male connects with the female via a phallus to fertilize her and, eventually, to conceive a baby. In a similar manner, noi-kong’ (the spirit) connects with matter by breath and fertilizes it to get strength, knowledge, experience and health.

In this way, knowledge of sex helps in martial arts and in life generally. Knowledge of life and Yun Chun Quan helps in sex. All of them comprise parts of The Great’.


Norm: instinct, erection, ejaculation, orgasm.

CONNECTION OF THE PHASES OF Weakness: instinct, ejaculation, weak erection,

SEXUAL INTERCOURSE defective orgasm.

OF A MAN WITH HUMAN'S ELEMENTS Illness: inability to have erection and ejaculation

AND HIS METAPHYSICAL CATEGORIES Strength: holding the erection phase for long time

Mastership: holding the orgasm point for long time


Sky Orgasm SPIRIT




Fire Erection HEART NORM water Ejaculation KIDNEYS




Earth Instinct SEXUAL ORGANS


Let us take a look at sexual intercourse with the help of the circle of eight trigrams.

Each trigram may mean a particular quality or a particular situation in sex. The erotic action goes through standard phases, which can be studied using the Book of Changes’. The sky’ trigram corresponds to man, desire, determination, activity, energy, spirit, semen, potential, orgasm, body and spirit tension. The trigram earth’ means woman, compliance, execution, flexibility, accuracy, fleshiness, sphere, egg-cell, body, breath and spirit relaxation.

These two trigrams represent the two main poles, between which any situation develops, including sexual intercourse. The existence of these poles is a prerequisite for the onset of the sexual act. This means the development of the sexual act begins with direct rapprochement of the two poles: man and woman’, desire and posibility’, activity and compliance’, spirit and body’. The situation develops thanks to the penetraion of the male activity element (Zyong) into the female sphere of execution (Am): an internal interaction of these two elements at the body-, energy- and spirit- levels takes place.

It should be noted that the anatomy, physiology and psychology of sex correspond to Earth’, Human’ and Sky’ respectively. As a human feeds from earth and sky energy, sex physiology is a function of the anatomical build of the two sexual partners and their psychology. The more spiritual is the person, the less he depends on physical attributes of sex, and vice versa.

Three levels of sexual communication may be distinguished:

  • level of body, form and quantity;
  • level of emotions, breath and content;
  • level of spirit, understanding and quality.

So we have indicated the necessary conditions of sexual intercourse: contact between two opposites which are designated as the sky’ and earth’ trigrams.

The first phase of the development of a sexual situation means excitement and mobility. According to the trigram, this state is distinctive in the sense that the male element of the activity fulfills the earth and body levels of the human. At the same time the breadth and psychic are maximised when opened and relaxed. The spirit is uninhibited and accepts even what is usually rejected.

The second stage corresponds to the water’ trigram. This sign symbolises danger or fear. Here the element of activity reaches the emotional sphere of the male and female. This moment is characterised with emotional activity, especially when feelings like lack of confidence, fear, awkwardness and doubt intensify. At this time the female may be worried about the risk of pregnancy or to be simply noticed’ by somebody. The man may be worried about potential performance problems and his own dignity. If the partners are already used to each other, then the water’ trigram exposes itself as an impatience. This occurs most often should the situation drag on too long. In this instance, the development of sexual intercourse pauses. The kidneys correspond to water’. That is why, during this phase, they are experiencing maximum activity.

The third phase of the development of love foreplay corresponds to the mountain’ trigram. This sign is one of stoppage, lack of motion. Here sexual activity reaches the spirit level. It is a moment of full erection, steady energy, confidence, eagerness. At this stage, the body and its feelings are very plastic’. The spirit is tense and is directed to one particular objective: sexual intercourse. This is the last preparation phase. This is he height from which the action begins.

The fourth stage of sexual communication corresponds to wood’ or wind’. The main quality here is the penetration. The male penetrates the female, but there is still no full contact and the question of the actions’ effectiveness is not quite clear yet. The imagery at this moment prompts the following: a young spear breaking through the earth’s plates. Will it survive? This is not clear.

The fifth phase is a fire’ trigram. This is a sign of coupling together and clarity. At this stage the male and female’s elements are at their maximum cohesion. Both of the male’s lines (man) embrace the female's line (woman). Such cohesion shows in the partners' bodies, their breaths and at the physical level. It is a phase of a full contact, when everything is clear and problems are left behind. The fire’ trigram corresponds to the heart: this explains why it is at maximum activity during this phase.

The water pond’ trigram means joy and corresponds to the sixth stage of sexual intercourse. During this stage, during the body’s most active state, a cosmic energy is received, which is displayed as joy.

The sky’ trigram (creativity) corresponds to the spirit. It is an orgasm, the highest point of bliss! Maximum activity levels are reached by body, breath and spirit.

After the orgasm there comes full relaxation, total peace, tranquility, as well as a reduction in the sensations and desires. This period is denoted with the earth’ trigram (execution). It is the 'body paradise’.

Such a cycle may be repeated again and again in the same sequence, but time and energy aspects may change.

Of course we are speaking about the ideal situation: harmonious sexual intercourse. But life is life! Still, knowledge of this law may help to intesify the positive aspects of sex life and reduce the negative ones to a minimum.

As regards sexual intercourse formulae? I see it as follows: accomplished sexual intercourse is a function of good health, knowledge, experience, desire and kindness.

Do Wing Chun classes slow down the ageing process of an organism?

We should first look at the process of ageing itself. There are many modern theories, but none of them can satisfy the expectations of those who would like to understand the mechanism of aging and death. Arising out of this theory, ageing is the result of an accumulation of genetic mistakes, due to which the whole system loses its wholeness. Other theories insist that ageing occurs because a particular energy limit of the organism has been exhausted. A third talks about planned’ ageing and death, which helps nature to keep purity of all species’.


man woman




Whatever it is, the person working on his development has to clarify this for himself by himself using, of course, existing theories.

Let us look at this problem from another angle. We note the changes which occur during the maturing stage of an organism’. Usually a person who lives to the age of 60 to 70 years suffers work loads, gets tired sooner and stays ill for longer. More worryingly, they become more vulnerable and helpless, bones get fragile, their hair becomes sparse, their skin gets flabby, their body strains, their breath weakens and the mind produces shallow, sad thoughts. Old age has arrived!

If the person of this age is still elated, if they still breathe rhythmically with the lower breath, if they maintain body flexibility, if they receive special procedures for hair and skin, if they strengthen bones by exercising, if they can easily tolerate illnesses, if they can maintain their capacity for work, maybe we should not call him old, even if he has reached 80 years or more? In the worst case we can call him elderly.

Take care of the spirit of youth! It is important to maintain the energy balance of the organism. Followers of various ancient health-improving systems learned how to slow down the ageing process. There were many cases when people who were seriously engaged with Yun Chun Quan (Yoga), reached the age of 200-300 years old.

Age, however, is not a good indicator of life’s fullness. A death signal may be the condition when the spirit does not want anymore and body is no longer able to live on the earth. To avoid this and live as long as possible, it is necessary to take care of your spirituality and the liveliness of the organism’. This is achieved with the help of the work done on maintaining a calm spirit and control of sexual function. If the spirit is not calm, then there will be no function. No system will be able to work properly. The existence of a large amount of sexual hormones in the blood initiates an acceleration and activization of all processes, which occur in a particular rhythm. In this way, burning-out’ of the organism is provoked.

Manual for those who want to be remain forever young:

Forget your age

Don't evaluate others by their age.

Laugh more.

Avoid sickness by extra internal work.

Treat yourself by exercising.

Treat others by words and herbs, massage, heat and cold.

Follow the Sun and Moon, touch the Earth, look at the Stars.

Enjoy the aroma of trees and herbs.

Notice the change in the four seasons.

Eat rice, drink tea, hide meat in vegetables.

Drink water after feasts.

Ask your body what it needs.

Connect body with breathing.

Connect breath with spirit.

Massage zung-tuen (yun-quan) points.

Massage tuk-tam-li (tszu-san-li) points.

Massage bat-hoi (bai-huei) point.

Keep the kidneys warm and the head cold.

Don't take yourself seriously.

Love those people who you can not love.

If you want to live long – live long!

If you want to live – live!