Sample Standard Form of the Memorandum of Association

Here is a sample of the standard form of the Memorandum of Association for the Federation’s branch. You may use this to register a Regional Branch (city, etc.) of the All-Russia Sports and Social Organisation ALL-RUSSIA YUN CHUN QUAN (WING CHUN) FEDERATION and become a member of its Federation.

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1.1. REGIONAL (CITY, AREA, Etc [select required]) branch of the All-Russia Social Organisation ALL-RUSSIA YUN CHUN QUAN (WING CHUN) FEDERATION, henceforth referred to as the Federation’, is a voluntary self-running social organisation acting according to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation Of Social Organizations’ of the 14th April 1995, the current law of the Russian Federation and the current Memorandum.

1.2. From the moment of its State registration, the Federation is a legal entity and has its own property, fixed and current assets, independent balance, operating- and other accounts in banking institutions of Russia and abroad, an official stamp, headed paper and an emblem. The Federation may, under its own name, attain property and non-property rights and titles and incur obligations, be a plaintiff and a defendant in court and arbitration proceedings. The Federation bears responsibility for all obligations within the domain of property owned, which, according to the law, may be claimed as penalty. The Federation, according to the law, has other rights in relation to legal entities.

1.3. The location of a permanent acting management organisation and the location of its activities is Moscow.


2.1. The main aim of the Federation is the study of traditional systems of martial arts and to assist in the basic development of modern types of martial arts and the organisation of educative and training processes.

2.1.1. The development and consolidation of sports relationships with other national federations and relevant international organisations.

2.1.2. The study and summarizing of international experiences in martial arts development.

2.1.3. To assist in the perfection and preparation of a system of qualified judging and sports staff and the unification of main program requirements.

2.1.4 To carry out collaboration with interested law-enforcement organs and commissions on juvenile matters with the aim of philanthropic assistance to children from broken or problem families.

2.1.5. To study methods of psycho-regulation and self-perfection, typical in various martial arts, to elaborate on ways of their mastering, to bring out the human’s fullest abilities.

2.1.6. To study and use energy components of martial arts for reasons of health improvement and rehabilitation of sportsmen and those simply engaged in martial arts, to activate their spiritual and physical abilities.

2.2. To perform the above-named targets the Federation carries out the following tasks:

2.2.1. Designs and commissions Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) system’s development programs.

2.2.2. Joins international sports organisations to participate in international sporting events.

2.2.3. Assists in carrying out qualifications exams for sportsmen and trainers who undergo courses of special training according to a specified program: certification documents are issued proving the achieved level of qualification in Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun).

2.2.4. Carries out independent expert research (social, etc) with the purpose of elaborating on complex target programs on Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) development and methods.

2.2.5 Holds conferences, symposiums, discussions and other similar events on Federation matters.

2.2.6. Organises and holds competitions both independently as well as with the use of specialists, invited from relevant national and international organisations.

2.2.7. Organises the production of official memorabilia and awarding attributes with the Federation’s symbols.

2.2.8. Elaborates method recommendations and manuals, evolves, studies and promotes useful initiatives and positive experiences directed towards perfecting martial arts development.

2.2.9. Elaborates and realises development programs of various martial arts as well as health-improving systems.

2.2.10. Assists in the production and sale of sports inventory, equipment, clothes, sports weapons, etc. for Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) study and competitions.

2.2.11 Carries out publishing activities.

2.2.12. Organises the issue and release of video and film products on the Federation’s profile.

2.2.13. Assists in the building and operation of sports structures.

2.2.14. Creates computerised data banks in order to provide control and coordination as well as the introduction of information technologies on the activities of Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) system clubs.

2.2.15 Assists in carrying out scientific research on problems of various martial arts and influences on the educational process in schools, pre-schools and higher education institutions of the Russian Federation.

2.2.16. Assists in the creation of rehabilitation centres and offices for teaching methods of self-regulation and massage.

2.2.17. Forms staff for the executive and administrative organs of Russia.

2.2.18. Proposes sportsmen, coaches and other Federation’s specialists for special awards and confers honorary titles.

2.2.19. Carries out joint social philanthropic assistance with other interested organisations including foreign homes for orphans, unruly teenagers, disabled children, children from low-income families, etc., in order to organise their summer rest and leisure.

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