Federation Members

Participants in the Federation

Subbotina Olga

Economist, accountant. “Wing Chun classes help me to harmonise my spirit and body. First of all, it is a real art. Secondly, it promotes a type of health, which everyone needs. Thirdly, it might someday become useful for peaceful purposes.”

Grigoriy Uvarov

A periodical feeling of internal and physical insecurity. An inability to alter the rhythm and course of events. Being late, missed, lost, got stuck, etc. All of these things prompted me to realise that this is the wrong path to take in life. My damaged senses were still able to tell me that I had to make life changing decisions. After thinking long and hard about which martial arts would suit me, I came across a magazine with an article on Wing Chun’ martial arts. It has now been three years since my first acquaintance with this school through its Master V.V. Martynov. Now I can say with great confidence that the Wing Chun doctrine, its principles (in all their simplicity) are as complicated as your body, spirit and faith. In addition, your principles suffer damage when following the wrong lifestyle. This means the relationship within a person. The Centre Line’ of Wing Chun and the life I am building enable me to conclude that Wing Chun is a milestone of my way’.


Accountant. “I perceive Wing Chun to be a transparent yet robust construction. A Human who enters this construction views it as a maze. He remembers and learns: how to be who I am.”

Nechitaylov Igor

“I began mastering Wing Chun not so long ago (December 2004). What attracted me to it were its basic principles, an absence of aggression and the use of an opponent’s power against himself. This means that the power in forcing an effect on someone depends on the opposing power applied. These principles bring about the gentleness of the techniques and the use of nature’s powers (i.e., your own, your partner’s and earth’s energies). All of these are matched by my spiritual-psychological and physical qualities.”

Drozhzhina Galina Romanovna

Doctor, neurologist. Has been engaged in Wing Chun since April 2004. Wing Chun helps to reveal a free and conscious motion.


“I am 20 years of age. As a child I attended Wushu and music lessons (I played piano). Later I got seriously into physics and maths as well as astronomy. Unfortunately I also neglected my childhood interests. I understood this only when I had already become a student of the Physics Faculty (Astronomy Department) of the Moscow State University. I returned to music in the spring of 2003. In the autumn of 2004 I attended my first Wing Chun classes. I have now completed the fourth month of my classes. Each new lesson is a new discovery with new feelings. It is very interesting yet difficult. My professional occupation with astronomy is closely related to trips to the mountains (due to many observatories being located at high altitude). Last summer I went for practice sessions held at the largest observatory in Russia, the SAO, located on the slope of the Caucasian Ridge (not far from Arkhiz village). These are real mountains!!!”

Markelov Maxim

Executive Director of an Insurance Brokerage. “Wing Chun, snowboarding, windsurfing, motor sport. These are the pastimes I am engaged in, when my business allows me! Sports generally teach you that the target is achievable if you take it seriously. Each different sport has something to teach us which would also be deemed necessary in business.”

Roman Petrovich

I have been engaged in Wing Chun for about a year now. I am a student of one of Moscow’s Higher Education Institutions. I am happy that I have managed to take in Wing Chun school even though, originally, I was more modest in my expectations. I like spending my free time with my friends. I love travelling and adventures. I am a big fan of Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Lebedeva Victoriya Vitalyevna

“I am working as an Assistant Director in the Advertising and Marketing Department of the Kinomax Cinema chain. I have been engaged in Wing Chun since October 2004. It was no accident that I stumbled across the Zheleznaya Fleyta’ Club. Back in 1990 I met Alekseeva Yelena Nikolayevna, a children’s Wushu instructor. She became a first teacher and a master of my eldest son. Five years later when my boy grew up, the question of going for martial Wushu classes arose. Then I heard about a Wing Chun school which was lead by Martynov Valeriy Vasilyevich. I had even read a book about Chi Sao called Sticking hands’. But by that time my son’s interests had changed. I too hadn’t even thought about participating in Eastern martial arts. Perhaps the age of 40 is the turning point for many people. Active sports are relegated to the background: sports mountain trips gradually changed and became family trips for rest. Aerobics and other such classes didn’t seem interesting any more. Then, the understanding of a simple truth dawned on me: one has to love oneself! Straight away time appeared in my life’s schedule and I developed a wish to take part in an activity which would help me to develop in a complex manner: i.e., physically, spiritually and intellectually. I typed the magic words Wing Chun’ into Rambler and here I am! Now each and very sport session and various communications with other club members bring me joy and satisfaction.”

Kruchkov Vasiliy

I am 23 years old and I work in a consulting company. I have been practicing Wing Chun since the middle of 2002. I constantly return to the very beginning and simultaneously move forwards: rethinking the past. I came to the school originally to learn the skill of suppressing aggressive confrontation. Perhaps this motivation was my main reason. But over the period of classes, this reason changed significantly. This is because all the main principles apply to routine life as well as in business. I love my wife and son. I love my work and many other things, without which life would not be that full!