Tai Chi Quan

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Flowing water doesn't turn bad, the door hinge does not succumb to woodworm. This is true because water and the door hinge are constantly in motion. The same applies to the human body.

Extract from Lui-Shi Quang Tzu’, 3 BC.

Tai Chi Quan is the ancient practice of awakening life’s energy, a way of discovering abilities, which may otherwise lay dormant or sleeping’ within the individual.

Slow, flowing and beautiful forms of Tai Chi Quan gymnastics are like a weaver’s motions. It is like pulling a thread from a silk cocoon’.

Tai Chi Quan improves blood flow and digestion. It also fortifies lungs, improves the condition of internal organs, helps with weight loss, restores balance and strengthens the functions of the defensive and immune system’s organs. This is the road to rejuvenation and longevity.

Tai Chi Quan is meditation in movement, which facilitates the transition from the concentrated state of mind to the relaxed (and balanced). It also develops a clear mind.

Tai Chi Quan is a martial art which uses an opponent’s strength against himself. By studying Tai Chi Quan you can improve your relationship with people and become more self-confident. It will help you to solve life’s problems with ease.

Practicing Tai Chi Quan will make you emotionally and spiritually richer and will reveal your creative abilities.

Presently millions of people around the world implement the Tai Chi Quan system in their lives.



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