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PSYCHOPLASTIQUE – psychology in motion

Lessons and practice

Psychoplastique is a unique method of understanding the human spirit’s language, the motions of which derive their contours in the form of visual space.

The human’s ability to talk in the language of body motions’ opens the door to the world of archetypes. This language may be understood (on the sensual level) by everybody. Following natural simplicity and honesty, people get involved in the whole process of dynamic meditation. They experience a state of wholeness and feel a deep connection with one another.

Psychoplastique is the development and mental mobilisation of psychological processes, for example: the attention, the memory, feelings and ones will.

Psychoplastique is an ancient vision of the future and represents the key to the treasure chest’ of all humankind’s truths.

Psychoplastique is a therapy of the spirit through the body’.

Its methods were designed on the basis of ancient Eastern technologies combined with modern achievements in art-psychology. They include the following:

  1. Research and (psychoplastique) study of the human in motion:
  2. Psychological problems in the physical’ body can be revealed:
  3. Will control, emotions and feelings are developed to gain achievement:
  4. Natural forms of physical motion and methods of body and spirit liberation:
  5. Self-understanding’ as a way to gaining health and perfection:
  6. Realization and comprehension of the physical body as a means of highlighting problems and as a method of re-tuning the body’s power channels’.
  7. The emotional sphere (getting to know and comprehending) as a way of liberation from stereotypical obstacles.
  8. Energy circulation in the body as a method of revealing problems: training internal energy harmonization:
  9. Fundamentals of acting skills - a method of self-comprehension and mastering the technique of power through mime, eurhythmics and dance:
  10. Group games – a method of the psychophysical training of individuals:
  11. Connecting internal energy to the outside world: This is an energy exchange, the principle of action within inactivity’ (Tai Chi Quan):
  12. The creation of an individual sign (in the form of Mandala art which energetically unravels in 24 ways): this represents meditation and circulation of energy in the body:

· An action controlled by knowledge: an act of creation from flesh and blood

· Dance of fate

· Here and now

· Being in the moment’ and following the rules of art harmonization:

· Improvisation


Classes are designed for those who hold creativity as a leading human value.

The leader of the project is Valeriy Martynov, the Artistic Director of Film and Theatre.

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