Yun Chun (Wing Chun) School Rules of Conduct

“Light and Clarity” is the motto of the Yun Chun school

The Class Hall

The hall is a saintly place for those who have joined the path of martial arts study. Deep internal work on spirit strengthening and perfection occur in the hall. Before Yun Chun classes, you should prepare yourself emotionally and psychologically, in readiness for a positive lesson (knowledge intake).

Take great care of the atmosphere! This is an atmosphere of harmony, respect, honestly and a sincerity when following the rules, which were established by the Masters of the past and inherited by those of the present. Respect the school, which you have inherited and which has been passed down by the Masters. Keep the hall and all equipment in order. Do not use the hall for any other purpose than classes.

The Class Uniform

The uniform for classes should be of the established standard form. Keep your uniform and equipment clean and in good order.

Personal preparation for Classes

Take care of your personal hygiene before class. An hour before class you should abide by the following: do not intake food and do not drink much water. Consumption of alcohol and drugs is absolutely forbidden! Your breath should be clean. Leave watches and jewellery in the dressing room. Do not be late as classes start with established ceremony. Prepare yourself for the classes before you enter through the hall doors.


Take a traditional bow when entering and leaving the hall. Greet the Master and the school’s instructors with a bow. Before the beginning and after the end of the lesson, you should bow to all the school’s generations, the class Master or the instructor holding the lesson. Follow the instructor closely when he demonstrates techniques you are about to learn. Follow calmly and attentively! At the end of the demonstration, bow to the Master or instructor and begin performing the technique. Bow to your partner before and after pairs work. Should you wish to pose a question to the Master or instructor, simply raise your hand and wait for an acknowledgement. Bow when you have posed your question and then once again when you have received an answer. If you are late for any reason, raise your right hand and wait at the hall entrance until the Master or instructor in charge allows you to join the group.

Ethical Rules

Respect the school’s teaching and the methods the teachers employ in passing on their knowledge. Never use the school’s technique to display your own ego or to the detriment of another person. For this you are morally responsible. Martial arts is a method of self-perfection rather then destruction. During the classes free yourself of competitive spirit. The aim of the classes is not to defeat an opponent, but to work on yourself. Respect the physical abilities of different people and their reasons for getting involved in martial arts. Arrogance is impermissible in class. You are morally responsible for yourself and your partner. Respect the traditions and principles of other types of martial arts. Do not enter into any confrontation.