The Federation/Club Members Rules of Conduct

Hereinafter the Russian Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun)
Federation and the Zheleznaya Fleyta Wing Chun Club will be referred to as the Federation and the Club, respectively.

  1. The Federation/Club members shall not disturb any other member nor disturb the public order.
  2. The Federation/Club members shall keep the gymnasium and the Federation/Club area clean.
  3. The Federation/Club members are only allowed to stay in the Federation/Club during its working hours. The Federation/Club reserves the right to change the Federation/Club’s opening and closing times. Such changes will be announced and displayed in advance on the notice board.
  4. The Federation/Club members are not allowed to enter any service rooms, i.e. offices and utility rooms without the Federation/Club workers’ invitation.
  5. The Federation/Club is not responsible for any personal belongings left unsupervised in any room of the Club, including locker rooms, gymnasium, lockers, café, except the lockers rented by the members. The Club bears no responsibility for any belongings left on the premises overnight and reserves the right to take them away.
  6. All valuables shall be handed to the Federation/Club manager to be locked away safely.
  7. Members are not allowed to bring any foodstuffs or drinks into the Federation/Club.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the Federation/Club area, to abuse or sell drugs, alcohol or medicines as well as to offer any of these services.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to offer any services in the Federation/Club area.
  10. It is not allowed to bring any weapon into the Federation/Club. The Club reserves the right to fully examine a person suspected of carrying a weapon.
  11. All Federation/Club members shall wear the appropriate uniform and footwear within the gym area.
  12. It is restricted to enter the gym after training has started.
  13. The equipment shall be used only according to its intended purpose. You shall immediately inform the instructor about equipment failures if any.
  14. Before training you will be informed of the equipment usage regulations and advised of the equipment use by certified instructors. At any point afterwards you may consult the Club personnel for advice at a reasonable time.
  15. On performing the exercises you shall strictly follow the directions given by the instructor.
  16. The Federation/Club members shall show utmost care for the equipment. In case of damage to Federation/Club equipment, the responsible party shall compensate the Federation/Club for said damage, otherwise his or her membership in the Federation/Club may be rescinded.
  17. By confirming in writing their willingness to train, Federation/Club members relieve the Federation/Club of the responsibility for any possible consequences to their health. The Client carries out physical exercises, attends training and uses other Federation/Club services by his own responsibility. The Federation/Club bears no responsibility for any injuries occurred in connection with the Client’s activities.
  18. The Federation/Club membership card is personal and cannot be used by another person. If lost, the card can be renewed at an agreed cost. If a Federation/Club member discontinues membership, the cost of the card will not be refunded.
  19. The Federation/Club members assume obligations to follow the Federation/Club regulations currently in force. Violation of the Federation/Club regulations may result in suspension or cancellation of membership. In this case the cost of the card will not be refunded.
  20. Persons with skin-, infectious- and mental diseases are not allowed to take part in training.
  21. The Federation/Club reserves the right to refuse membership.