1st International Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Tournament

The All-Russia Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation is seeking sponsors to fund its trip to participate in the 1st International Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Tournament.

1st Chinese International Competition on Gun Fu Yunchun-quan Nyan-shou form

The Wushu Society of China and the Physical Culture Department of Foshan City will jointly host the 1st Chinese International Gun Fu Competition (Yunchun-quan Nyan-shou form) from 28th of August till 1st of September 2006. The competition will be held at the Lin-an Min-chzhu Sports Stadium in Foshan City. Yunchun-quan followers from all over the world will take part in this competition. Additionally, competitors from Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Canada, USA, France, Australia, Switzerland, Denmark, Macedonia, Turkey, RSA, Hong Kong, Macao (China) and many other countries will be invited to participate in this tournament. The competition aims to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your achievements in Gun Fu knowledge as well as to enjoy communication with followers of this form from all corners of the Earth. The competition will strengthen friendships and will build a bridge’ of cultural collaboration between Wushu lovers from all countries around the world. Hospitable people gladly welcome you to take part in the competition! This invitation is for you! We look forward to your arrival at the competition! We congratulate you in advance of your victories!

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The 1st Chinese International Gun Fu Yunchun-quan Nyan-shou Competitions Commission.

The 1st Chinese International Gun Fu Yunchun-quan Nyan-shou Competition

1. Dates: 28th August – 1st September 2006. Event address: Lin-an Min-chzhu Stadium, Foshan, China.

2. Main organisers: Wushu Society of China and the Physical Culture Department of Foshan City. Additional competition organisers: Foshan’s Sports Society, Foshan’s Wushu Society.

3. Participants: Wushu competitors forming delegations from various Chinese provinces and foreign countries.

4. Rules of the Competition: 1) Rules of Conduct of the 1st Chinese International Gun Fu Yunchun-quan Nyan-shou Competition. 2) Compliance with competition schedule: number of participants, number of groups, singles or doubles competitions. 3) Competitions are run according to the following system: three 1 minute rounds with two 1 minute breaks in between.

5. Competitor Classification: 1) Age categories: A) Junior group: a) 12-14 year olds; b) 15-17 year olds; B) Youth group: 18-35 year olds; C) Middle group: 36-50 year olds; D) Senior group: older than 51 years old. 2) Gender categories: male and female groups. 3) Each competitor must provide a medical certificate obtained not more than 15 days before the start of the competition, as well as documentary proof of health insurance. 4) Competitors must have Yunchun-quan fighting skills (subject to random checks).

6. Weight Categories: 1) More than 30 kg (12-14 year olds); 2) More than 40 kg (15-17 year olds); 3) Less than 48 kg (<48 kg); 4) 52kg (>52kg < = 56kg); 5) 60kg (>56kg < = 60kg); 6) 65kg (>60kg < = 65kg); 7) 70kg (>65kg < = 70kg); 8) 75kg (>70kg < = 75kg); 9) 80kg (>75kg < = 80kg); 10) 85kg (>80kg < = 85kg); 11) More than 85kg (>85kg). (When submitting an application form, a copy of your ID document should also be provided. Children and teenagers without ID documents should provide a copy of their Residence Registration Certificate).

7. Arbitration Commission and Judges: 1) Seating and responsibilities of the Arbitration Commission and compliance with the Rules of Conduct of the International Wushu Competition’. 2) Judges: Wushu competitors (Yunchun-quan) of the first and second categories will participate as judges.

8. Enrolment: Only the top six places in each category are classified for awards. (The first three places receive certificates and prizes; fourth place to sixth will receive certificates).

9. Registration fees and times:

1) First period of enrolment for applicants: 28th of May 2006; Second period: 1st of August 2006 (by post). Completed application forms must be sent by post to this address: Wushu Society of Foshan, City Stadium, 75 Veiguo Street, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Contact telephone number: 075783284432. Fax: 075783284432. Zip code: 528000. Contact: Gan Shen Telephone: 13078135598 Guo Shen Telephone: 075780360905. Host Name: Inviting Commission of the 1st International Gun Fu Yunchun-quan Nyan-shou Tournament. Host bank: Foshan branch of the Bank of Communications Network. Recipient account number: 267000018000000258.

2) Fees: 1. Competition fee: 50 yuan per person. After registration all participants are given a souvenir pack. This contains: a training uniform, a mug and a bracelet. 2. Cost of living per person per day: A. 280 yuan; B. 230 yuan: C. 200 yuan; D. 150 yuan. You are allowed sort out your own accommodation arrangements. 3. Participants are liable for the cost of the return journey. 3) Addresses and application submissions: 1/ Participants register from 27th until 28th of August 2006. (Competition Opening Ceremony takes place 28th August). 2/ Registration address: Office of the Wushu Society of Foshan, City Stadium, 75 Veiguo Street, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. 3/ Training for all delegation leaders, judges and trainers will take place in the afternoon of 28th August. 4/ Any changes will be announced in due course.