Master Te Kong today

…in the photo: Valeriy Pavslovskiy (centre), Mai An Chau (right).

Nowadays Mai An Chau and Nguyen Hong Tu continue the business started by the Master Yuen Chai Van in the 1930s. They follow the path of personal perfection and help others wishing to follow the same path and direction. Among their students are Ukrainian representatives. Nguyen Hong Tu rejects any perceived advantage held by the yellow race’ in martial arts. He points out only a few differences in terms of thinking, knowledge and methods of achieving. Ignoring these differences for a moment, we can say that a European or one of Negro extraction, having a different physique, would produce even more perfect and threatening power.

Nguyen Hong Tu lived and taught in Cherkassy City, Ukraine from 1987-1993. A small group of students maintain constant contact with their teacher Tu and other Hanoi Wing Chun Quen Masters. Nguyen Hong Tu’s Ukrainian students visit their mentor in Vietnam practically every year. In 1996 one of his Ukrainian students was accepted into the Wing Chun Fat Za Quen family school.

Yun Chun Quen, the style of Blossoming Spring, is one of the more popular styles of Chinese martial arts in the modern world. Its popularity in the West surpasses even such great schools as Tai Chi Quan, Bagua Chzhan and Sin Yi Quan. No doubt its popularity (from the larger public’s point of view) is more than simply a reflection of material quality. Yun Chun Quen’s popularity, however, is well deserved. We don’t advocate Yun Chun Quen accelerating past the styles mentioned above. Nevertheless it is clear that Yun Chun Quen is not inferior to these styles. Everything depends on the level of material assimilation.

(…in the photo: classes in Moscow, Yun Chun Quan Federation).

This last note also relates to Tai Chi Quan and, to a greater degree, Bagua Chzhan and Sin Yi Quan. Promotional activities by several schools’ representatives lead to unavoidable distortions and simplifications. Only some Masters of the named styles have complete command of their systems. We are speaking not only of health improving exercises but about real, threatening and hidden combat Master skills.

Yun Chun Quan was not widely known, even in China, due to several reasons. But having spread outside the country, it became amazingly popular and simplified because of the shallow level of knowledge held by its early protagonists. In China (Foshan, Guanchzhou, Hong Kong, etc.) and abroad there is currently a very small percentage of real Wing Chun Quen specialists. Nevertheless they do exist and do all they can to keep the tradition of Wing Chun Quen alive and keep the style’s overall quality at the highest level.

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