The Modern Masters


Hoan Vin Zang



A Master of Wing Chun, one of the first in the USSR. While studying at the Physical Culture Institute in Kiev he achieved the title Master and great respect as a Wing Chun teacher. In 1978, together with his closest students, he arrived in Moscow. With the knowledge of five languages, including Russian, he was able to find friends quickly. Hoan Vin Zang’s Wing Chun mastership helped him to entice many people from karate and other martial arts to Wing Chun at that time in the USSR. Hoan Vin Zang became a teacher of one Martynov Valeriy Vasilyevich, later to become one of the founders of Wing Chun in Russia. From this time onwards, the Vietnamese school of Nguyen Te Kong (Yuan Chai Van in Chinese) started to become practiced in Russia. Hoan Ving Zang is President of the Olympic Sports Committee and is Head of the Hanoi Federation. He lives in Hanoi City.




Martynov Valeriy Vasilyevich


Martynov Valeriy Vasilyevich is the President of the All-Russia Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation. He is a Master of the International Class, a Highest Category Wing Chun coach, a leader of the Zheleznaya Fleyta’ Wing Chun Club and a qualified Master of the Foshan Chinvu Athletic Association (Guangdong, China). He is also a member of the Union of Theatre Workers, is a theatre and film artistic director and an author of such projects as: Garmonichniy chelovek’, Universitet detskogo tvorchestva’, the Vtoroe rozhdeniye’ Centre and the Psychoplastique’ Theatre. He is an Artistic Director of the Psychoplastique’ theatre and an author of many Yun Chun Quan school educational programs. He was active in karate for 6 years. He was also engaged in Tai Chi Quan, Aikido, Aikijitsu and, for more then 20 years, Yun Chun Quan.




Pavlovskiy Valeriy Gennadyevich


For 7 years he was engaged in free-style wrestling, 12 years at boxing and 10 years at Vin Suan. He is a member of the Thieu Lam Phat Son Vinh Xuan Phat Gia Quyen family school. Was a student of NGUYEN HONG TU and MAI ANH CHAU. These Masters were themselves students of TRAN VAN PHUNG (1900-1987). TRAN VAN PHUNG earned the nickname One-eyed Dragon’ from 1936 and was a student of NGUYEN TE CONG until the end of his days. Valeriy Pavlovskiy now owns Te Kong’s sword. This sword was passed from CHAN VAN FUNG to MAI AN CHAU and then on to Valeriy Pavlovskiy. It is the only surviving sword, the other one having been lost.






Yun-choi Yeung


From 1968 he studied martial arts, Eagle’s claws and Bagua at Kennet Liu. Between 1969 and 1973 he studied Yunchunquan, led by Gregory Choy (Choy Siu-kwong), a student of Yip Man. He has mastered Utszymei Qigong, the Chen style of Taichiquan, Sinyiquan, Bachiquan, Bagua as well as other weapon techniques and forms. After the establishment of the Yongchunquan Research Activity Centre in Foshan in June 1997, he started organizing Yongchunquan sticking hands’ competitions. He also researches the application of Sinyiquan and Taichi pushing hands’ and learns Taoism from Niu Shensyan. Together with Lai Shenhun, using his knowledge of internal styles and Qigong, he designed various spine health-improving moves and, in China, published a book on spine exercises. He now works on a new direction in martial arts called Nianda.