Federation Tests and Seminars

Seminar agenda

The All-Russia Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation carries out mandatory seminars on raising and proving their Master’s qualification at levels of IV, V, VI chi. The recommended qualification programs of the seminar are:

  • To students of 1-3 years of study
  • Wushu pedagogical workers (Wing Chun Style)
  • Beginners in the world of martial arts, Wing Chun style.

Seminar’s program: see attachment For non-locals: The Federation is unable to provide accommodation. Bring sports clothes: black (dark) trousers, white t-shirt, sports shoes.

Seminar cost – $100

Members of the Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation are entitled to a $25 discount. Members must bring along their passports. It is necessary to notify us in advance regarding numbers of people willing to attend. You then need to send in your application request. On all matters please contact us by phone/fax: see our contacts or by e-mail: vvmartynov@mtu-net.ru

Kind Regards, President of the All-Russia Yun Chun Quan (Wing Chun) Federation Matrynov V.V.

Tests and Seminars Archive

22nd of December 2002: The 1st Official Test of the All-Russia Yun Chun Quan Federation took place in Moscow.

The 1st Official Test of the All-Russia Yun Chun Quan Federation took place, which signified a new input into Yun Chun Quan development in Russia. The students of the 6th chi grade had 24 graduates; Petruk Petr and Ansupov Kirill, 5th chi. Well-known Wing Chun Masters like Pavlovskiy Valeriy and Zadboev Andrey and their students were present at the post-test celebrations. Attending the show’s performances were many guests; students and instructors’ performances were also highly applauded. At the end of the event, a documentary film about the trip to Foshan city in China was shown.